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Taking an Ocean Cruise? 8 Reasons to Purchase Travel Insurance Before You Go

Anything can happen even on an idyllic ocean cruise. Don’t sail unprepared, purchase travel insurance to ensure your well-being and peace of mind.

With all the news surrounding the recent outbreak of Coronavirus and its impact on cruise ship passengers, people excited about their upcoming ocean cruise may be experiencing a dampening of spirits, if not outright fear.

The fact is, outbreaks of viruses aside, anything can happen as you set sail to paradise. The list of potentialities is a long one, but if you’re prepared, the chances of coming home from the high seas with great memories rather than a horror story are greatly increased.

Here’s why including travel insurance should be included in your planning:

1. Trip cancellation

It’s not unusual to book your ocean cruise well in advance – weeks or months – of your departure date. But, of course, anything can happen between the time you book and the day you leave. You could hurt yourself, get sick, have a family or business crisis, among the many possibilities.

How do you avoid the penalties associated with cancellation? Travel insurance. Insurance will cover you in the event of trip cancellation, including the fines and costs that go along with having to change your plans, so you can take of your emergency.

2. To cover medical emergencies

Again, you never know what might happen after you set off on vacation, even somewhere fairly insulated and safe as a cruise ship. You may be traveling with a medical condition (diabetes, for instance), or something may befall you once you’re on board. Perhaps you’ve forgotten your insulin at home and require an injection. It would cost you a lot in handling and logistics to have your treatment delivered and administered.

Imagine a fall down the stairs and breaking a bone. Your cruise isn’t going to cover an accident that is the result of your personal negligence.

Fortunately, travel insurance may provide for medical emergencies onboard your cruise ship. This may include transportation to get the required treatment on the mainland. It will cover hospital bills and possibly include travel home if needed as well.

Additionally, insurance could compensate for any expenses incurred in treating your wounds onboard the ship.

3. Trip interruption

Again, the only thing we can count on is that there are no certainties in life. There are a variety of things that can happen to you between the time you board and your arrival to your destination or back at your original port. An emergency at home such as a sick child or parent, for instance.

Do you choose to continue with your travels or head back home? Most choose to tend to their family emergency and head home. This decision will result in additional expenses, of course, such as possible hotel fees and changes to your flight.

In some cases, there are problems with the cruise ship itself that requires a costly change of plans.

Preparing yourself with travel insurance for your ocean cruise makes sure these incidentals are covered. It will allow you to change your flight and help settle any other associated costs.

4. Issues with the cruise line

Being prepared with travel insurance can help to mitigate any unexpected costs associated with problems that befall your cruise line. For example, you may have a long-standing reservation but your cruise company has gone bankrupt and your plans are suddenly canceled through no fault of your own.

Financial crises faced by your travel provider can affect your travel plans. Travel insurance helps cover you in these situations. The insurance companies can often cover any financial default on the part of the cruise company.

Given the volatility and unpredictability of the global economy, additional thought and preparations as you plan your travels are necessary to avoid being let down to the tune of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

5. Loss of baggage

Losing luggage is a common complaint no matter how you choose to travel commercially. It is particularly common with cruise ships where there are hundreds, sometimes thousands of travelers with their bags. And, despite your best efforts to prevent the loss or misplacing of your luggage, it’s always still very much a possibility.

Travel insurance provides a safety net that, while it doesn’t prevent the loss of your belongings, it can help replace them if you need. In the event of a loss, insurance coverage includes follow-up with ship management and the handling of communication and any necessary investigation. If your bags cannot be located, you’ll likely be compensated for the lost items.

6. You Miss Your Ship

We know this probably isn’t you – you’re always on time! BUT… sometimes things happen. No matter how proudly prompt you always are, there could be any number of circumstances outside your control that make you late for the launch of your cruise.

A good travel insurance policy will provide for this situation. For instance, it may allow you to travel to a destination stop to join your cruise.

You may end up a little late, but you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the rest of your time aboard.

7. Threats to security at your destination

Terrorism and the fear of terrorist activity is an ever-present threat to those traveling to many destinations worldwide. Given this threat and the political unrest that often accompanies it, it isn’t that unusual for there to be occasional disruption to ocean cruising travel plans. Occasionally, a desired cruise destination is subject to terror attacks that impact foreigners.

If you’ve already booked and paid for your ticket, who pays for the canceled plans? Travel insurance takes these kinds of scenarios into consideration.

8. Emergency evacuation

While you want to look forward to sunny, blue skies and great weather throughout your cruise vacation, of course, there’s never any hard-and-fast assurances of fair conditions. In the event of a terrible weather event, an emergency evacuation from your location may be necessary. Such evacuations require significant resources and your cruise line likely won’t be covering the costs.

If you’re traveling to a destination prone to extreme weather events you can compare travel insurance plans for a policy that ensures you’ll be covered in the event of an emergency evacuation. A change of plans may be necessary, including a change in air travel arrangements to return home which should be covered by your travel insurance coverage.

In the worst-case scenario, some policies also offer evacuation services for fatalities onboard or at a destination. This coverage will ensure an easier time for your loved ones recovering the victim in the event of a fatal accident at sea. It’s a particularly dark type of insurance coverage, but as we’ve already determined not to mention what we see every day on the news, anything can happen.

BONUS: Valuable Peace Of Mind

No matter where you go, including your next cruise, travel insurance will provide you with valuable peace of mind as you make your plans. Cruise trips are expensive and you want to freely enjoy your time aboard and at wonderful destinations without worrying about what might go wrong.

Your ocean cruise is your time to decompress, relax, and fill your cup. Enjoy the sun, the different ports, and meeting new friends – your travel insurance will handle the rest.

Don’t forget your travel insurance for your next ocean cruise!

Not having insurance isn’t worth the stress or the tremendous risk and cost. There is any number of things that could crop up and ruin this special getaway – you want to leave expecting the best but prepared for the worst.

Questions? Contact us  about your travel plans and the best travel insurance coverage for your trip.