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Understanding How We Determine Your Home Replacement Value

Understand your homeowner’s insurance – how we calculate your home Replacement Value. Safeguard your home with the right coverage! When safeguarding your home with the appropriate insurance, understanding how we calculate the replacement value is very important. Unlike market value, influenced by various external factors, replacement value focuses solely on the cost of rebuilding your […]

Navigating Home Insurance Changes in BC: A Broker’s Guide

Keep your home protected with comprehensive homeowners insurance – a current and updated policy tailored to your needs. Home insurance is a crucial aspect of safeguarding your property and investments. Given that your home is likely your biggest investment, keeping your home insurance coverage current and up-to-date is vital to protecting your financial health and […]

Your Quick Guide to Boat Insurance in BC – The Essentials!

Avoid being unprotected on the water! Why you need Boat Insurance in BC to cover you in the event of an accident – and for peace of mind! The right insurance coverage is integral to protecting your assets. Whether you’re already a boat owner or you’re contemplating buying a watercraft here in beautiful British Columbia, […]

Breaking Down Commercial or Business Insurance in BC

Exploring the essentials to commercial coverage: a comprehensive guide to commercial or business insurance in BC. More and more people are choosing to come to British Columbia to build their lives and businesses. Between the exceptional high-speed internet connectivity and the incredible lifestyle available, it’s hard to think of a better place to do it! […]

5 Important Life Changes To Update Your Home Insurance Broker

We all experience changes in our lives. But, there are some that require you to update your home insurance broker to stay covered. We know that changes happen in everyone’s life, big and small. Over the long-term, but even year to year – the typical duration of most home insurance policies. Conveniently, your home insurance coverage […]

Safe Driving – 5 Ways to Keep Focused and SAFE!

Just a little reminder about safe driving. Consider the following points to help you remember how to stay focused on the road. According to Transport Canada, distracted driving causes more automobile accidents and collisions than driving impaired. Every driver can take precautions to minimize the likelihood of most types of incidents. How to stay focused […]

Prevent Losses From Hot Work – Welding, Soldering, and More

Among the most common reasons small to mid-size industrial properties make insurance claims? Losses from hot work. “Hot work” refers to any work with ignition sources near flammable materials. Types of hot work involve welding, soldering, and cutting and often produce sparks. And the result of a “quick job” in an area not designed for […]

Avoid Basement Flood – Your Preparation Checklist

Spring is a joyous and exhilarating time of year – until you have a basement flood! Protect yourself from possible disaster! What do you love about springtime? Is it the longer days? The warmer weather? Crocuses and other spring blooms breaking through the cold earth? All of the above? We agree! We are even at […]