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5 Important Life Changes To Update Your Home Insurance Broker

We all experience changes in our lives. But, there are some that require you to update your home insurance broker to stay covered. We know that changes happen in everyone’s life, big and small. Over the long-term, but even year to year – the typical duration of most home insurance policies. Conveniently, your home insurance coverage […]

Safe Driving – 5 Ways to Keep Focused and SAFE!

Just a little reminder about safe driving. Consider the following points to help you remember how to stay focused on the road. According to Transport Canada, distracted driving causes more automobile accidents and collisions than driving impaired. Every driver can take precautions to minimize the likelihood of most types of incidents. How to stay focused […]

Prevent Losses From Hot Work – Welding, Soldering, and More

Among the most common reasons small to mid-size industrial properties make insurance claims? Losses from hot work. “Hot work” refers to any work with ignition sources near flammable materials. Types of hot work involve welding, soldering, and cutting and often produce sparks. And the result of a “quick job” in an area not designed for […]

Avoid Basement Flood – Your Preparation Checklist

Spring is a joyous and exhilarating time of year – until you have a basement flood! Protect yourself from possible disaster! What do you love about springtime? Is it the longer days? The warmer weather? Crocuses and other spring blooms breaking through the cold earth? All of the above? We agree! We are even at […]

The End of ‘Best Terms Pricing’ Strata Insurance in BC

In the BC insurance world, 2020 began with breaking news about crazy-high strata insurance premiums. There was a little good news in 2020! At the beginning of last year, the news finally broke about the outrageous strata insurance premiums for strata developments in BC. It was found that strata insurance and deductibles had been increasing […]

Off-Road Vehicle Insurance. Don’t Be Caught Uncovered!

We know how popular our BC outdoors are for enthusiasts of off-road vehicles (ORV). Just be sure you know before you go! We can’t overstate the importance of purchasing of road vehicle insurance. When you’re out enjoying your off-road vehicles – includes your all-terrain vehicle, dirt bike, and snowmobile or motor sled – it’s vital […]