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Home Insurance Changes in BC

Navigating Home Insurance Changes in BC: A Broker’s Guide

Keep your home protected with comprehensive homeowners insurance…
Quick Guide to Boat Insurance in BC

Your Quick Guide to Boat Insurance in BC – The Essentials!

Avoid being unprotected on the water! Why you need Boat Insurance…
Breaking Down Commercial or Business Insurance in BC

Breaking Down Commercial or Business Insurance in BC

Exploring the essentials to commercial coverage: a comprehensive…
Update Your Home Insurance Broker

5 Important Life Changes To Update Your Home Insurance Broker

We all experience changes in our lives. But, there are some that…
whitlock insurance - Loss of Use insurance coverage

Understanding Loss of Use. An Important Part of Your Home Insurance

If you can't use your property after damage in an insured loss,…
whitlock insurance safe driving

Safe Driving – 5 Ways to Keep Focused and SAFE!

Just a little reminder about safe driving. Consider the following…
Whitlock insurance Prevent Losses From Hot Work – Welding Soldering

Prevent Losses From Hot Work – Welding, Soldering, and More

Among the most common reasons small to mid-size industrial properties…
Whitlock Insurance Avoid Basement Flood – Your Preparation Checklist

Avoid Basement Flood – Your Preparation Checklist

Spring is a joyous and exhilarating time of year – until you…
Whitlock Insurance All You Need to Know About Getting a BC Drivers License

All You Need to Know About Getting a BC Driver’s License

Spring is on the way! And that means a rush on kids getting a…
home preparation tips before you winter vacation

9 Home Preparation Tips – Winter Vacation With Peace of Mind

Before you leave on your long-awaited winter vacation follow…
firesmart your home in the fall

Prepare for Wildfire Season 2022 – FireSmart Your Home This Fall!

Don't tempt fate next summer during another crazy wildfire season.…
Whitlock Insurance - The End of Best Terms Pricing Strata Insurance in BC

The End of ‘Best Terms Pricing’ Strata Insurance in BC

In the BC insurance world, 2020 began with breaking news about…
Whitlock off-road vehicle insurance

Off-Road Vehicle Insurance. Don’t Be Caught Uncovered!

We know how popular our BC outdoors are for enthusiasts of off-road…
Whitlock Insurance understand your policy

How Well Do You Understand Your Insurance? Rest Easy – Here’s a Quick Guide!

How well do you understand your insurance? Pages of policy can…
Whitlock Insurance why you need coverage for a cruise

Taking an Ocean Cruise? 8 Reasons to Purchase Travel Insurance Before You Go

Anything can happen even on an idyllic ocean cruise. Don't sail…
whitlock insurance be prepared with travel insurance

Escape Winter Prepared – Purchase Travel Insurance!

Purchase travel insurance before you leave to ensure your vacation…
Whitlock Insurance how to winterize your home

Prevent Winter Stress – Winterize Your Home!

Don't get left out in the cold this winter. Prevent any seasonal…
Whitlock Insurance protect against slips - falls on ice

Winter Ice and Snow – Protect Yourself Against Slips, Trips, Falls

The winter ice and snow are on the way! Be sure you're covered…
Whitlock Insurance Services protect your farm assets

Farm Insurance: How to Protect Your Valuable Agricultural Assets

You may have a small hobby farm or a large commercial agricultural…
Whitlock Insurance home-sharing short-term rental coverage

Airbnb. VRBO. Your Guide to Insurance for Home-sharing and Long-term rentals

There are many benefits to home-sharing but the risk, however,…
Whitlock insurance home-based business coverage

Have a Home-based Business? Don’t Leave Yourself Unprotected!

Just because you own a home-based business doesn't mean your…
Whitlock Insurance - Why You Should Have Tenant's Insurance

Are You A Renter? Why You Should Have Tenant’s Insurance

If you're a long-term renter, don't take for granted that your…
Practice Loss Prevention

Protect Yourself at Home – Practice Loss Prevention!

Along with insurance, you need a practice of loss prevention…
Whitlock Insurance Loss Prevention for your business

Managing Your Risk – On Premise Loss Prevention for Your Business

Carefully consider your organization’s potential liabilities…
Whitlock Insurance Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance – What Are the Options?

Commercial Property insurance provides protection and valuable…